I have created this blog to give an insight into the life of a young woman living with mental health challenges who is grieving a life that was taken by them.

My experiences of mental health struggles past and present include: anxiety, depression and disordered eating. Sounds very clinical, aye? This blog is not just for those who can relate to having a diagnosis – the above are also some of the most common mental health experiences and -we ALL have mental health. On a continuum, it’s everyone’s concern not just those affected. So I hope this blog helps to raise awareness of this.

Tragically, I am bereaved by suicide and in my personal time I am an activist raising awareness of: bereavement, grief, mental health, stigma and suicide.

Part of this includes a joint Vlogging YouTube series of 10 Vlogs that one of my best friends and I produced in memory of our loved lost ones. They cover our experience of bereavement, mental health awareness and suicide. The rookie mistake of being newcomers we did this under the worlds longest hashtag of #SuicideTabooandLifeWithoutYou and shortened this to #STALWY which would be hard to find if searching by the topics we covered! We don’t mind so much, it bought us closer together as we went through the turmoil of grief and journey to healing. Talking helps, it helps us, and we hope it helps others to know it’s okay to talk and to seek support. You can view our YouTube Vlogs here.

We also have an (occasionally still updated) Facebook Page we used when we started as a place to put these Vlogs and related articles because what we realised is, not everyone wants to see these things on people’s personal pages, perhaps they want the glossy best versions of ourselves filtered for social media perfection or perhaps it’s just too hard to think about these topics. That’s fair enough. Yet our reality is we’re human, these are our experiences, and we know it’s helped some of you as well as us and if we can give just a few some comfort and help them to feel less isolated, or, you know, potentially save a life, then that’s all part of the purpose. It’s not all doom and gloom like people may think either (I hope you’re reading this in my humorous tone to get the gist!) so if you feel like checking it out, here is our ‘occasionally updated’ Facebook page .

More regularly updated is my Twitter @abbiezenda where I’m more active!

Press and Media:

Aside my blogs on this amateur site we’ve also teamed up with a few organisations that actually know how to extend their media reach! You can check these out below…

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