27 – #Trump #TrumpBan #Protest #Demo #Blog enough is enough too much

27 in a few days time

Trying to put it into words that rhyme 

Maybe for the weekend I’ll be out ‘celebrating’

But the head knows people on the ground are suffocating 

Disgusting things happening ’round the globe

A superpower being run by a xenophobe

So much hate spat out in power

Protests fill the streets, we won’t cower

Our strength and courage are beautiful

We’ve been let down by the dutiful

Solidarity is shining but hearts are hurt

Broken, trodden on like humans are dirt 

We need to use our voices through word or action

We may not feel heard but fraction by fraction

We make up a community, a body, a people, a voice

We have activism inside us, we have that choice. 


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