Hi all,

Almost went a weekday without blogging (which I know is fine, but I’ll stick to it, routine helps ☺️ and I promised my bestie in China I’d keep her company via blog world) *waves and blows kisses 😘👋🏻 Hey babe! 

I’m off for a nice mindful midweek trip to Kerry soon so I’ll catch up with everyone properly next week.
I thought I’d just leave a little note to tell you about a rather special website http://blurtitout.org/ which is a wonderful charity for depression. 

The kindest, sweetest, cutest initiative they created is a ‘buddy box subscription’. This is something which you can send off for as a one off or subscribe for a friend or family member or yourself to get a monthly boost of pressies in the post! They include surprise gifts to help spread cheer to people with depression. They include goodies like herbal teas, mindful colouring, books … The list goes on. You can also send anonymously too. It’s such a lovely idea. 

My gorgeous loving partner subscribed for me for my 26th and now this is the 2nd cheeky surprise I’ve received in the post ☺️☺️☺️

It also includes little postcards you can leave for random strangers with kind messages…like a little action for happiness http://www.actionforhappiness.org/ I’ve left one in a cafe before and I’ve just written another I may leave before I fly ✈️

The pic I’ve attached is a cute notepad…inside it has leaves and I’m going to use it as part of my self care pack. I’ll collect messages from friends and family for when I’m down or anxious and things get too much. 

Lots of love, back on Monday xxxxx
Abz X 💚💜💙


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